"Killing Me Softly" Score

I recently completed the score for Linh Ngo’s short film, “Killing Me Softly”. Cole Jenkins (colejenkinsmusic.com) and I teamed up to score the short.

It was a fun score to compose, as Linh gave us complete creative freedom. So I crafted a haunting, yet lyrical and mysterious score featuring light strings, eerie voices, and simple oboe melodies carefully crafted around deep electronic tones! Below is a preview.

The film will be hitting the short film circuit in the near future, and hopefully Youtube thereafter.

I will post it when it is up.

Toggle Crouch Interviews Sean ]

I recently sat down with the editor of the gaming news website Toggle Crouch, where he picked my brain about games, music, and my career.

It is a shorter interview, but gives a very good picture of what I do and what my favorite parts of being a game composer are.

Hit the link to head over to their Facebook page!

New fantasy orchestral music!

I have been writing a lot of music lately, although much of it won’t see the light of day until the projects are released. When will that be? I have no clue! haha

So in the mean time, I have been working on music that allows me to experiment with some new software, as well as explore some orchestral techniques in the process. Here is a new track (licenseable/for sale I might add!) of some of that new stuff. Hoping to release more in the near future!

Reminds me of fantasy dwarves somehow… Been watching too much Lord of the Rings or something.

The Gathering Dead Score Preview

I have been working with the author of The Gathering Dead for awhile now, creating a few scores for his trailers. This is some of the music from the upcoming trailer!

You can hear the motif for the undead at the end, the minor thirds clashing with the major thirds throughout the last build! I am primarily shooting for a tonal score with hints of dissonance, as opposed to an entirely dissonant or effected score.

Hoping they can put together a full movie/film release in the future. Would love to compose hours of this kind of stuff.

Reaper, a game developed by Luc Bernard, was revealed at E3 this year as a Sony PS Vita exclusive free-to-play title!

Luc and I have collaborated together to make (and continue to create) an incredible score for this game. Years in the making, the score have grown and developed since 2009. Glad to finally see this one come to life!

Viking Command Released!


Viking Command, a game developed by Sidebolt, has been released on the iOS Store and the PLAY Store!

It features my dynamic, orchestral, blood-pumping score! You can hear ap preview of it below:

Vikings Forge - Orchestral Theme by Sean Beeson

Definitely a little Skyrim influences in there :D Although I put my own spin on it too of course!

Here is a link to some of the gameplay! It you like Flight Control games and Viking Hordes, this is a perfect game!

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